Golf Associations

Boost your competitions for staff, players, and fans

Golf Genius is a proven end-to-end tournament management solution that can take your tournament operations to the next level.

Golf Genius provides all the tools needed to manage tournament operations at a golf association, from single-day events to large scale multi-round multi-course competitions and everything in between.

Less Work for you, More Fun for players and fans, and More Revenue for your golf association.

Accessible anytime from anywhere

Golf Genius is cloud-based software, so it’s always on and accessible wherever you happen to be.When you need help, our comprehensive online Knowledge Base is just a click away and our product support experts are available 24/7.

Player profiles and performance history

For each player in your association, capture a full profile including their photo and performance history. Allow players and fans to track performance history.

Online event registration and credit card payments

Eliminate registration by paper, phone, or email and save time with custom online registration forms to capture any information you need.

Set eligibility requirements for each event based on gender, age, and other criteria.

Securely collect credit card payments and allow players to register for multiple events with a single checkout.

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Great looking printed materials

Add a professional touch with fully customizable scorecards, cart signs, scoreboards, and more. Generate any report you need in seconds, design your own customized reports, or select from a library of reports created by our user community.

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Mobile app and live scoring

Engage golfers and fans with live scoring and leaderboards through our free mobile app.

Allow tournament staff and volunteers to enter live scores at scoring stations or as walking scorers with each group.

Increase revenue and recognize your sponsors with custom sponsor content on the mobile app.

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Live TV leaderboards

Follow the action in the clubhouse, on the patio, or anywhere around the golf course with large TV displays showing live leaderboards, photos, and more.

Email and text messages

Streamline communication with players before, during, and after each event.

Use emails blasts to drive registration, increase participation, and quickly communicate event information to your players.

Use text messages to send personalized messages to each player including tee time, starting hole, player partners, and more.

Season Management

Showcase your full calendar of events to drive online registration and participation.

Set up season point races, control the points available for each event, automatically award points when results are final, and track the standings throughout the season.

When you're ready for the new season, clone last year's events to quickly and easily get your new season rolling.